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I'm a Ian2!!!!!    15 July 2007 19:00 | Italy
hey, siete davvero bravi!!Siete 1 dei pochi gruppi ke si salvano tra tutta qst merda che si definisce "emergente"...Bravi!

Blake Ratliff    12 July 2007 19:00 | US
Lara and Ian, Wanted you to know that I found your music on and downloaded 14 days. I am very glad I did. The sound quality is very good and the music is even better. I am looking forward to purchasing your next release. I wish you the best in your work. Blake

David    29 June 2007 19:00 | Italy
Ciao le vostre canzoni sono bellissime. ci saranno date in futuro?

Bill    26 June 2007 19:00 | US
It`s awesome! Hi, Lara! See you.

Jen Steggles    05 June 2007 19:00 | UK
Hey Rockstar, you remember me? What ya up to. Get in touch, be great to hear from you. Lookin forward to hopefully hearing from ya, Jen

dj horserider    04 May 2007 19:00 | RU
Hello everybody very, very good! Nothing to be concerned about. All the best

Terabanitoss    04 May 2007 19:00 | US
Hi all! You are The Best!!! G'night

Rick Strength    14 April 2007 19:00 | US
I bought your cd from a couple days ago and can't quit listening to it. 14 days is the best album I've listened to in a long time. Honest and full of emotion, excellent songs. I hope you two keep making music to share with the world. Your music definitely makes my world more bearable. Thank you!!!

Maxim    13 April 2007 19:00 | Germany
Greetings! On what engine made this a site? Very qualitatively

Torsten    08 April 2007 19:00 | Germany
Hello, geilomei! Your song, Just Rise was played at podcastcafe! It's great. I hope you stay on writing and playing.

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