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Castles    20 November 2006 20:00 | UK
Hey guys..lots o lovin to you, mixed with a little sadness.
Nice to see you keeping it real but then i guess you'd know no other wayxxx

Johnsy    19 November 2006 20:00 | UK
just been listening to "just rise" its a beautiful track cheers for signing up to our site, The "We like..." section is pretty similar to what I listen to myself. Speak to you later. Johnsy

Lorenzo    18 November 2006 20:00 | Switzerland
Bravi ragazzi, continuate cosė, la musica č lo spirito artistico pių innnato nell'uomo ed esprimerlo liberamente come fate voi č bello...ciao da un amico - Lorenzo

Alessandra    17 November 2006 20:00 | Italy
Ragazzi, che dire siete l'autunno nei suoi colori pių splendenti.
in bocca al lupo!

Peter    17 November 2006 20:00 | UK
Thanks for letting me know about you! Your music is refined, passionate, true and very well produced. The site is fantastic. I love Just Rise, playing it no end! Thanks Plunkett!

Liza    16 November 2006 20:00 | Italy
The website is changed the homepage, It's even better than before. So when are we going to see you in concert... just joking!

Antonio & Rosa    16 November 2006 20:00 | Italy
Eccoci qua.... siamo con voi!
Un abbraccio e a presto .... il sito č una bomboniera!

June    16 November 2006 20:00 | Italy
you're really great and very pretty....your sound is sun, wind, ground, water, flowers's expression!!!! IAN VOICE in very deep and wrapping, the LARA's one is ethereal and sunny!!!!! Listen 'em....& your bad day can change......XXX

Franco    16 November 2006 20:00 | Italy

Mel    04 January 2006 20:00 | US
Hi, just popped in here through a random link.
I'd like to say your music is great and very impressive. Enjoyed the listening!

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